Travel Network Marketing

This is a review of the mlm travel called Travelution, but perhaps the first step in the review is to make sure you’re considering the right “Travelution.” There are actually two very similar sites and each are a different travel mlm opportunity.

  • mytravelution.com will take you to South Africa
  • yourtravelution.com will keep you based in Florida, USA

This Travelution review is about Yourtravelution based in 3390 Kori Rd Suite 7, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Travelution launched in January, 2016 even though there were prelaunch actions as early as November, 2015.

Travelution Leadership includes seasoned network marketing veterans:

  • CEO Dusty and Amanda Devaughn
  • Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour

Core3 Founders are those who got in early and are at the very top of the heap. (The place you want to be, but in truth, by the time you hear about it, you’re only going to be measuring how far down into the crowd do you fall). Travelution has some of the most charismatic Core3 Leaders of any Travel MLM you’d want to know. (Bwana Thurman, Larry Williams, and others).

Frankly, all you have to do is conduct an internet search and discover the “time machine” of in’s and out’s these people have had with mlm products, network marketing opportunities, and direct sales. (You’ve got to ask yourself, if the promise of life changing income is the same promise in all the previous pursuits, why do these leaders keep starting up even more and more different mlm businesses? If they were giving up their positions at the top, then we could say they are being very gracious and they’re doing out of human kindness. If they are starting serial, fresh opportunities about every two to three years, while leaving previous ones behind, what might that say about them and about their offers?)

Here’s the Travelution Offer:

  • Become a VIP client of travel and take advantage of low fares and travel costs
  • Become a Travelution Master Travel Agent and get ,000 to ,000 tax writeoffs as well as low travel costs, agent only discounts and the opportunity to earn commissions while building a travel team sales force.

Travelution Approach:

Current: In these early launch days of February, 2016, (reportedly only 250 and growing rapidly) the push is to get in on the ground floor and ride the wave of mlm travel team recruitment. Among the variety of presentations among the Core3 Founders (people who jumped in during the prelaunch and early days), the most entertaining (and I’ve seen a lot of them) has the following ingredients:

  • Ask the question: “Would you like to earn over ,000 per month and do it over the next 7 weeks?”
  • Of course, get the answer: “Yes”
  • Then guide them to two videos: first a corporate video conducted by the CEO and then a second video that will “sell” them and you get the benefit. Now go and get more as quickly as possible.

Reality Check

There’s plenty more to this review that is all about Travelution, but, before we go too far, if you have a moment and are willing to rebalance the scale, you may care to look at this link.

Basically, it’s a proven fact from independent sources that .3 to 3% of participants in any mlm or network marketing offer will succeed. That means that 99.7 to 97 recruits will fail.

Now let’s realize you are the exception. You will be the .3 to 3% winner. Hey, it could happen!

Certainly that’s what you’ve got to consider if you continue contemplating any mlm or network marketing offer.

There you are, you’re the exception, but only because you’ve been willing to invite a host of non-exceptionals to join you. Yep, you get to the top of these things by recruiting a ton of failures, to personally get 3 people who aren’t failures you’ll have to personally recruit 100 people.

Do you have 100 friends that you know will not be disappointed in you when they fail at what you’ve invited them to do?

Now, let’s say you are the .3 to 3% person because you’re just that good. Do you really want to be part of something that most of those you introduce to it will fail?

Realizing you are the exception, how many other exceptional people do you really know? Why would you want to invite so many people to fail?

That’s why you really should give a listen to what my friend Brad lives and breathes…he’s a real consistent 7 figure earner, year after year, and he’s invited me into something I don’t fail at. You can succeed at this and so can your friends!

Travelution Sayings

Although it’s barely in its second month of launch, there are already at least two travelution cliches:

  1. “Get 3 and the fee is FREE” meaning when you enlist 3 to be agents, and they stay active, you don’t have to pay the monthly fee.
  2. “Get 6 in the mix and you’re maxed” meaning when you enlist 6 to be agents, and they stay active, you qualify for the maximum compensation structure.

Basic cost:

  • If you come in as travel client and you just want travel discounts, it’s free and you can get with any travelution agent.
  • If you come in as a travel agent you will pay a one time fee of 9.95 (originally presented as 9 early on); and you pay a monthly fee of .95.


Travelution provides modular training toward achieving a Master Travel Agent certification. This involves approximately 36 modules and at least 15 to 30 hours of study. The expectation is to earn the status of a registered travel agent with perks like:

  • Familiarization trips, agent vendor discounts, wholesale rates, FREE upgrades
  • IATAN card (,000 in agent commissions required)
  • AD75 discount card (airfare discount)
  • CLIA Embarc Card (new to 2016 and applies mainly to cruises) and some hotels
  • Agent ID Card and noted travel discounts thereby

Basic travelution compensation:

  • Travel Services Commissions

It is illegal to be paid on a tier level regarding travel service commissions. Travel agent commission rates are a percentage of a percentage (important to note). The commissionable portion of a travel service sales will range from 8% to 14% depending on the vendor or service. It is from that percentage that travel agent percentages are figured.  For instance, if Phillip books a 00 travel service, Travelution receives 10% commission. From that 0, the following percentages are paid out:

  • Once qualified, the agent receives 80%
  • While working on travel agent certification and license: 60% (the other 20% is paid to office agent that completes the travel services sale.
  • More specialized commissions are set at:
    • 50% vendor commission split as a Cruise Travel Specialist
    • 65% Vendor commission split as a Leisure Travel Specialist
    • 80% vendor commission split as a Master Travel Agent
  • Recruitment Commissions:

    • Travelution pays out a percentage of the initial fee paid in by a new recruit (249.95). This is done according to the type of Agent involved:
      • Agent (2 or less recruits) receives 30% on Level 1 (personally recruited agents)
      • Agent3 (has personally recruited 3 active, paying agents) receives 30% Level 1; 10% Level 2; 5% Level 3.
      • Agent6 (has personally recruited 3 active, paying agents) receives same as Agent3 and 3% Level 4; 2% Level 5
      • Special note: All personally recruited agents are regarded as Unilevel and 30% is paid for each personally recruited agent regardless of which Level the agent is placed (see 3×10 Forced Matrix below)
    • A portion of the monthly fee (69.95) is also paid out according to the type of agent and the Levels included:
      • Agent (0 to 2 recruits) = 5% Level 1, 8% Level 2, 12% Level 3
      • Agent3 (same as Agent) and 12% Level 4, 10% Level 5,  5% Levels 6 and 7
      • Agent6 (same as Agent3) and 0.5% to 2% on Levels 8 to 10 varying according to rank of the agent included.
  • Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus

only goes to the fifth level and happens when you first explosively recruit and help others to recruit to fill out your 3×10 matrix of agents. During this explosive phase you will want to personally recruit three agents right away (fill out your level 1) and personally recruit at least three more for a total of six agents (to put you in the maximum compensation posture) and it gives a good push to filling out your level 2.

Check Match

A bonus paid to the agent for each personally enrolled agent, matching the amount of earnings of the recruited agent except for travel services commissions and the two pool type bonuses (Travel Global Bonus and Enroller Pool Bonus, see below).

Luxury LifeStyle Bonus

Status of Agent per monthly Group Volume (GV) production also produces compensation percentages according to twelve Travelution agent rankings and the Luxury Lifestyle bonus is applied accordingly:

  • GV upto 1499 by Agent3 or Agent6
  • GV 1500 to 4999 by Visionary agent
  • GV 5000 to 9999 by Wave Runner agent earns 0 a month
  • GV 10,000 to 24,999 by Beach Bum agent earns 0 a month
  • GV 25,000 to 49,999 by Navigator agent earns 0 a month
  • GV 50,000 to 99,999 by Explorer agent earns 0 a month
  • GV 100,000 to 249,999 by Jetsetter agent earns 00 a month
  • GV 250,000 to 499,999 by Tycoon earns 00 a month
  • GV 500,000 to 749,999 by 1 Star Tycoon earns 00 a month
  • GV 750,000 to 999,999 by 2 Star Tycoon earns 00 a month
  • GV 1,000,000 to 1,999,999 by 3 Star Tycoon earns ,000 a month
  • GV 2,000,000 or more by Ultimate Tycoon earns ,000 a month

(Only 40% or less from just one of the matrix leg can count toward the accumulated GV).

Travel Global Bonus

The entire Travelution vendor commission not collected by the agents on travel services is pooled at 2.5% monthly. Each month agents qualify for a share of the pool by being awarded one share per 00 of travel services sold in the month the commission is actually received by Travelution.

Enroller Pool Bonus

This is 2.5% of all commissions related to recruitment for a given week from both the initial fee and the monthly fees paid in for that specific week. Each week an agent who enrolls three agents in that week is given 1 share per each grouping of three agents enrolled.

Key practices:

Forced 3×10 matrix: Travelution uses a forced 3×10 matrix. In this structure, your level one is capped at three; and each level thereafter down through the tenth level comes into the total compensation plan eventually. (noted above).

Spillover: Spillover is when you personally enlist more than three agents. When this happens you can place them at your level 2 or deeper. Again level 2 would be Susie in this scenario: You enlist Manny, Joe, and Sally and they are on your level 1. When you enlist a fourth agent (Susie), you place that agent under Manny, Joe, or Sally as you help them to get their three for their level 1, and you are helping your own level 2 to be completed.


It becomes self-evident that when you spend much more detail on commissions from recruitment than on travel services commissions, the true intent of the experience is not training travel agents but recruiting would-be travel agents who will recruits others and bring in the fees.

Even if you are the .3 to 3 percent, if you listen to my friend Brad introduce you to scores of winners, then you’ll certainly find a way to make money and travel all you want, while offering the opportunities to others if you want.